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Matt’s students gain an average of 300 points on the SAT and 5 points on the ACT

When our son next took the test he increased his score by 500 points. We are confident that the tutoring he got was key to his getting into the Ivy League school he wanted.

Richard L., Santa Ana, CA

My SAT score went up 300 points and I benefitted from a lot of helpful tips. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving their score!

Thanh M., Huntington Beach, CA

Pretty much the best SAT prep around. He really targets the areas you need specific help in. I started out with an SAT score of 1940, and after just 4 sessions my score went up to 2100.

Danya K., Irvine, CA

Matt is the most experienced and successful SAT/ACT tutor in California

Matthew Larriva ProfileHe has helped over 100 students through 800 tutoring sessions and 2,000 tutoring hours. His work has led not only to Ivy League admissions for his students, but also to tens of thousands of dollars in academic scholarships.

Matt has succeeded in many challenging test prep situations:

  • High pressure test prep – for athletes where admission is contingent upon a minimum test score
  • Long-term prep – for students starting in the 1500s who need to move to the 2000s
  • Gifted student prep – for students with starting scores in the 2200s
  • Special needs prep – for ESL students, or students who have ADD, testing anxiety, or dyslexia

Matt has the ideal background for delivering extraordinary college test prep

He earned his degree in Business Economics from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Mensa member and a classically trained musician who twice performed in Carnegie hall.

Matt has an advanced knowledge of computer-modeling which he uses to plan, structure, and execute his strategies for individualized student test success.

He is also an experienced college counselor. His students have been admitted to Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford.

Matt founded and runs, which has the highest published point gains of any college test preparation company in the U.S.

He started Powerful Prep in 2011 after surveying the existing college test prep programs and deciding there was a better way.

He started by isolating the key factors that create test success, and then wrote all of Powerful Prep’s curriculum with the sole goal of over-preparation for testing success. While other programs pride themselves on their 5-hour-long classes, Matt believes (and research affirms) that students can only focus for an hour-and-a-half at a time without losing retention. To that end, he wrote his curriculum to conform to these ideal time frames.

Matt also realized that other programs were trying to replicate high school curriculums instead of teaching “to the test”. Instead of teaching specific critical reading strategies, for example, they were attempting to re-teach students how to read – a slow and ineffective test prep process. So Matt wrote all of Powerful Prep’s curriculum and methods to teach to the test. Through this, he has achieved some of the strongest and most consistent results in the industry.

When you need serious results, not hollow guarantees…
When you need customized test prep, not a franchise-solution…
Matthew Larriva is the clear choice.

Average Point Gains per Student

  • Average SAT results +305 points 71%
  • Average ACT results +4.9 points 82%

Working with Matt is an investment in your future. Like all quality educations it will return a lifetime of value.

Most popular packages:

  • Urgent Score Booster : Two 90-minute sessions per week for 4 weeks ($7,200)
  • Ideal Full Prep Package : Two 90-minute sessions per week for 12 weeks ($18,000)

Packages will be customized to meet your unique needs.


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